So, what is this site?

Keep track of movies you yet have to see/download.

Keep up with your favorite actors talk-show appearances.

Why, just why?

I made this site when i was learning about DB relations.
Later i "freshed" it up when checking out flask, redis, bootstrap, knockoutjs, jquery and other stuff...

Where is the information gathered from?

This site uses imdb-php for the movie stuff, interbridge.com for talkshow guests and VCDQ for movie quality checking.

What is the "api movies" tab?

See here: API

I have forgotten my password!

Send me an email at film[at]ymze(dot)com

I found a bug, or have an idea to this site!

Send me an email at film[at]ymze(dot)com


The api is just a minimal mimic of the couchpotato api,
mainly to get some xbmc addons to work with the site. (eg. add movies from apple iTunes trailers)
As for now, only adding new movies is supported

url to use in xbmc couchpotato manager: film.ymze.com

Supported api calls:


Just dummy output for compatibility reasons.


Adds a movie in your list, under "API"


Returns possible matches


also just dummy output for compatibility reasons.